Dr. Dane N. DeLozier, PT, DPT, ATC, NASM-PES is an impressive guy. His patients include athletes from the NFL, NCAA, professional cyclists and triathletes, Olympic ski and snowboard athletes.

I think Dane is great because he helped me fix my achilles issues a few years back. So I got to experience first hand the professionalism and individualized solutions of a practitioner of that caliber. He is also into mountain biking and backcountry snowboarding, two activities I use to get into Flow. I have been mountain biking once with Dan, for a short while. He has a super fast pace 🙂

What is interesting to me is that Dane is very aware that for him, the key is using a combination of activities to get into the Flow state. In his case, it is a combination of work and sport/recreation.

Also, on your birthday to ride a mountain bike 100 miles plus your age in years? Wow!